Easylib Services

We provide the following services.

Automation of your library

We have a state of the art high-end library automation software EASYLIB – Entire Automation System for Libraries. It is an integrated system with extensive features and multi language capability. Click at the respective links on the left navigation bar to see the product features and list of Clients.

Bar Coding of Your Stock

Bar coding is a process where in for each of your book, barcodes are attached. Using a barcode scanner, these labels are read and the scanner will automatically type the accession number or member id for you. Bar coding of your library helps in easy circulation and faster stock verification. Easylib provides various services related to bar coding including – supply of barcode labels, scanners and software for generation of labels.

Building Digital Library

In today’s world, sharing information in digital form greatly enhances your reputation as a library. Members will be able to browse through various material in your library through the digital library you have built. We at Easylib, help your dreams come true. Call us for details.

Classification and Data Entry Services

We understand you are pressed on time as well as resources. So many times, you need help of library professionals to do the work of important functions of library like classification work and data entry. At Easylib, we take up these services on a fixed fee as well as per man month basis.

Automation Consultancy

The founders of Easylib are automation experts. Each of us have experience in automating various businesses and implementing large mission critical applications. So, if you are planning to automate your entire organization, we help you out on this.