Continuous innovation is the way of life at Easylib


Easylib Software-a very dynamic library software that is loved most by it’s patrons..

It is a time tested and proven software and has been refined time with the help of library science professionals and computer science experts.

Easylib is now working on Easylib University which helps users to connect different libraries under one single Web OPAC.

Digital Library, which is an integrated set of services for capturing, cataloguing, storing, searching,protecting,and retrieving information which provide coherent organization and convenient access to typically large amounts of digital information.

Advanced Web OPAC has features of building and publishing completely dynamic website that can be updated by the library staff on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Bringing more Innovations to library space

  • Extensive features of Easylib are Requisition, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Members, Periodicals, Reports, OPAC, Web OPAC, Digital Library, In Out Management, Barcode Generation, RFID, Customizable Reports, Library Usage Analysis, Analytics, Recommendations etc.
  • Living homepage has Interactive search, Explore, Announcements, Link to partner libraries, Featured books, Library timings, Accomplishments, Privacy Policies, Library team with ability to login on homepage and a Link to individual item search
  • Display results by Extensive Filtering, Drilldown Features
  • Ability to drill down book on search results and customize catalogue display
  • Ability to make it exhaustive or as simple as you wish
  • Ability to analyze the trend and identify interventions to be taken up