Our Team

Our Vision- To be the most preferred library automation software for the librarians worldwide

Vasudevrao M Deshpande,Founder and CEO

Vasu began his career in information technology in 1992 after passing Bachelor of Engineering with Gold Medal at Gulbarga University. Worked at Infosys and other companies between 1992 and 1999 at India and USA.
Started Easylib along with two other friends. Ran it for four years before. Experimented between various software platforms (college administration management, hotel administration, rice mills management etc) before zeroing on library space.
Took a break to learn more things outside the company. Completed MBA from University of Massachusetts Amherst, Certified Supply Chain Professional and PMP (Project Management Professional).
Moved back to India in 2009 and between 2009 and 2013, worked as Program Manager for Infosys Foundation funded North Karnataka Flood Relief Program building 2,200 houses, as Program Manager for Infosys Foundation funded Parishudh Initiative building over 12,000 toilets and educating over 5 lakh people on need of healthy living. Often referred to as Toilet Vasu for the work done in this area.
Development of software platforms for Alumni Management (Power Alumni), ProsperAid to aid in helping trusts mobilize resources and Vidyanidhi to help educational institutes connect needy students with people who can assist them and build a self sustaining cycle of scholarships.
Now back to Easylib full time since 2017 September and focusing on re-innovation to make much more impact to the educational space.

Advisors Team

  • Satish Kulkarni
  • Chief Operating Officer at Invendis Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Bangalore

  • Jitendra Mudhol
  • Founder @CollaMeta, a Silicon Valley Data Science, Machine Learning startup for Utilities and Manufacturing.Co-founded Broman Wireless (Silicon Valley, 2006) – VoIP space. Co-founded Infonics Software Pvt Ltd(India)  to develop Edulite,a software for managing educational institutions and EasyLib, software for managing libraries(1998-2002).

  • Vishweshwara Upadhyaya
  • Founder President of Infonics. He possesses a Master’s degree in Business Management from J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He has been intimately involved in diverse aspects of Information Technology consulting business for more than fifteen years both in the U.S. and India. Mr. Upadhyaya is based in Bangalore, India.

  • Librarians and End users 
  • Easylib products are developed as per requirements discussed with librarians and understanding of library operations by visits to numerous libraries both in India and abroad. Inputs by practicing professionals in the Information Management are reviewed for practical implementation, prioritised based on anticipated market need and then added to the release schedule. Easylib reciprocates the active involvement of librarians in giving the inputs by keeping the licensing cost relatively lower.

  • Library and Information Science Professionals
  • Easylib team members regularly attend conferences held at various locations to understand the trends as well as research being done in the segment. In addition, Easylib also periodically holds brainstorming sessions with various academicians to understand the standards in the area and ensuring that our products meet the internationally accepted standards. Also, Easylib supports the endeavour of the  Universities to teach various library automation packages to students. If you are part of a library science school and require academic version of Easylib for playing around by students, please reach us at info@easylibsoft.com. We will be happy to deploy a trial version / Give access to a hosted version.