Edulite – College Administration Software

Easylib Software Pvt. Ltd is pleased to bring you Edulite Software to manage  your educational Institute administrative activities. Features of the platform  are


  • Admission Announcements
  • This feature helps institute in announcing any admission, its start date, end date etc. Institute provides details of what course they are going to offer, the duration,fee etc.

  • Admission Form Entry
  • The admission forms received in paper are entered onto the system. They can also be imported from online admission form entry. Fee payment is done either by cash, Cheque and online. Institutes can view the forms that are submitted by students and update the status of one particular by approving/disapproving and promoting his/her admission in the college. Admin has the access to

 1. Admit students
 2. Check Fee Status and Update
 3. Promote the Students
 4. Customize fields

  • Admission Listing and Reports
  • Administrator can see a list of students who have applied by academic year wise and Grade wise. This list view can be taken in the form of Excel Report by selecting column fields and Print it as well.

  • Receipts List:
  • Receipts list keeps you track of students’ payments and can list multiple students at once and help you track the status. You can take various reports based on the sort criteria and take a printout of it.

  • Admission Reports
  • Institutes can generate admission reports on various categories. Some of the listed reports that can be generated are

 1. Grade, gender and category wise Admission statistics
 2. Region wise admission statistics
 3. Family Income wise Admission Statistics
 4. Grade wise Enclosures Report
 5. Admission summary Categorywise
 6. Admission status
 7. Eligibility Proforma
 8. Merit scholarship students list
Once a student is admitted, automatically student records are created.

2.Student Module

  • Student Information
  • Institutes can view the student’s information. Student complete information along with necessary documents will be stored in database. Can check each one of information by giving student ID.

  • Students Information List
  • This gives ability to see list of students by various criteria. Selection criteria here will make it easy to get a list of students you would like to display. You can export data onto excel sheet or print reports directly.

  • Students Reports
  • Institute can generate student reports along with the details. Customized reports are also a part, where one can customize fields and see a list. Some more reports that can be formed are

 1. Income wise Parent Address List
 2. Course wise Student Statistics
 3. Grade, Sex, Category Wise Student Statistics
 4. Region wise Student Statistics
 5. Family Income wise Student Statistics

3. Staff Module

  •  Staff Information:
  • Here entire staff information including the date of joining, skills acquired,salary details, classes being taken, Experience details of that particular staff,What position the staff has been assigned are stored. You can take various Easylib Edulite College Automation Software reports like current staff occupancy, staff load factor and other related reports.

  • Other Details of Staff
  • Experienced staff details can be stored over here, which includes employee Id, Joining Date and leaving date. Institutes can even assign minimum and maximum number of class to a one particular staff. One can display list of staffs present in one specific position and you can take various reports.

4. Attendance

  • Attendance Tracking
  • You can track attendance of staff and students on a daily, weekly, monthly basis using this subsystem.

    Enroll students and staff by different category.
     1. Grade wise Enrollment
     2. Class wise Enrollment
    Track attendance by
     1. Attendance by Grade
     2. Attendance by Class
    Institute can maintain a log of work days for a grade, section and class, a monthly attendance summary to check attendance performance for a particular grade.
  • Attendance Reports
  • Keep a track of attendance reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.You can generate various reports; generate reminders and other related reports. This can be linked with automated attendance register using swap cards

 1. Absentees by Date and Grade
 2. Presentees by Date and Grade
 3. Present-Absent by Date and Grade
 4. Current Absentees by Grade
 5. Absentees by Date and Class
 6. Presentees by Date and Class
 7. Present-Absent by Date and Class
 8. Current Absentees by Class
 9. Grade Summary by Month

5. Timetable

  • Time table parameter set up
  • Here you set up timetable parameters. These include setting parameters related to which teacher can take what class, rooms that can be assigned, practical or theory etc.

  • Automatic Generation of time table
  • Once you set all parameters, you can automatically generate timetables. The software considers all different parameters set and allocates most optimum timetable. In case of any conflict, it gives a show stopper or a warning message based on severity of the issue. It assigns staff to the classes, each subject, ensures conditions of maximum classes per week and per day are met as well as other conditions are met.

  • Manual Update of time table
  • Once the time table is electronically generated, one can further modify the timetable and do updates for substitute teachers etc.

6. Fee Collection

  • Fee parameter set up
  • Here you can set up various fees for admission and continuation of education. Fees can be set up for different heads (admission fee,examination fee, building fee etc.), sub heads (sub heads within the admission fee, examination fee, building fee etc.). Each fee is also set up by various categories like General Merit, SC/ST, OBC, and Payment Seat etc.

  • Fee collection
  • Once you set all parameters, you would be able to collect the fees. You can collect fees, print receipts, track non-payments and so on. The data can be exported onto college accounting system where you can maintain the college accounts. Future versions of Easylib shall also include complete accounting software.

    Generate Reports

    Generate Reports on
     1.Fee Summary Reports
     2.Course Category Wise Fee structure
     3.Student Fee Payment List
    Generate Finance Reports on
     1.Category Wise Fee Payment List
     2.Fee Due List
     3.Grade Wise Fee Due List
     4.Item Fee Payment List
     5.Fee Payment List
     6.Fee Receipts

7. Examination Subsystem

Edulite provides complete examination management features. The features are as below.

  • Examination Set Up
  • You can set up various examinations for your all of the grades. The examinations can be of type theory, practical and combined. They can be compulsory, elective etc. You would be able to set up date time, duration.Once you set up examinations, you would be able to group them under qualifying examination for getting a degree.

  • Enrollment of students to examinations / examination groups
  • Here you can enroll students by exam group and / or examinations. You would get easy reports of who have not enrolled for exams.

  • Conducting Exams
  • You would be able to build complete date and time wise examination calendar. You can assign staff, rooms etc. Software then helps you mark the attendance records for the attendees.

  • Tabulating Marks and generating reports
  • Here you input the marks of students scored in examination, tabulate examination results summary. Once you input marks, you can generate marks cards.Generate Exam Reports on

 1. Summary Passing Report by Exam Group
 2. Summary Passing Report by Exam Code
 3. Exam Group Summary

8. Event Management

    This subsystem helps institutes in conducting various events like extracurricular activities, sports etc. A table helps you set up event name that is going to be organized in the college provided start date and location,Assign Team Members to the events, Maintain data as per team participants, and a individual participants data. One can display a list of Events, Sub events, Team Participants, Individual participants and Students Participants in Teams.

9. Placement Management:

    Institute can keep track of company that is going to visit the college, Can see the list of companies visited, Schedule a company visit, After Test is the screen where you can see the list of parties for the selected ledger. It helps you to track status of students enrolled in particular company. You can take report of companies that has visited, and can be able to see total visits by individual company.

10. Communication Register:

    Edulite automates the same and provides an electronic media for storing the info on all communication received and sent by any media, namely letter mail, fax, e-mail, in person or courier. Provides easy search and follow up mechanism.

11.  Syllabus

    The staff can enter syllabus details by Grade and Subject. The staff has access to add, modify and delete the details of each syllabus line item.Extensive reports on syllabus can be taken which in turn can be published onto your website as well as put on notice board of your organization.