Easylib Research

Easylib invites proposals from library professionals to carry out the following research. Interested parties please send a one page proposal along with amount of financial assistance needed.

1. A study of formation and usage of library networks in engineering colleges
2. A study of academic performance to time spent by student at the library
3. A study of user expectations from the library at a medical college
4. Quantifying Dr. Ranganathan’s score for a library
5. Level of adherence to Dr. Ranganathan’s five laws by libraries in xyz geography

Terms and conditions
1. A two member team preferred. One from faculty and one who is a practitioner
2. Study period should be between 3 to 6 months
3. The article should be presented in conferences / papers
4. Easylib name should be included as a supporter and Easylib would be one of the right holders for the article
5. Accepted proposals shall receive grant in the month of April 2019 onwards as per the progress accomplished