Easylib releases Transport Management System v6.2a R23-Maintain transport and student details(October 2019)

  • Ability to maintain all stops details
  • Maintain routes and stops for specific transport
  • Maintain driver and student details
  • Schedule transport timing as time permits

Easylib releases Fee Management and Collection v6.2a R22-Manage student Fee details(September 2019)

The key features of fee management system are:

  • Facility to collect fine and provide discounts in fees.
  • Display of fees remaining on part payment of fees.
  • Facility of collecting fees in parts and maintain the due remaining amount.
  • Generate and print receipts of fees along with manual / automated fees receipt no.

Easylib releases Feedback Management v6.2a R21-Get Students Feedback online(August 2019)

The key features of feedback system are:

  • Conduct different surveys and get responses from students
  • Using this system reduces the cost of paper and in person surveys which are conducted
  • Helps in saving time and effort

Easylib releases Assignment Management v6.2a R20-Track Students assignment(July 2019)

  • To increase student and supervisor accessibility and availability.
  • To ensure assignments are always on-track and on-time by proving assignment management and monitoring.
  • To facilitate file-sharing (increase accessibility and availability of files) as well as reducing redundancy through online repository.
  • To facilitate communication and collaboration between supervisor and student by use of assignment management.

Easylib Launches android application v6.2a R19-Access your library catalogue(June 2019)

  • Easylib launches android application available on play store
  • Click on the link to download the app: Download Now

Quotation Entry and Comparison v6.2a R18-Add Quotation details and Compare with vendor price list(May 2019)

  • Ability to add various quotation details and compare between the vendor price list
  • Ability to add Vendor details, Shipping information and Billing details
  • Ability to compare quotations using Quotation Comparison Report
  • Ability to track details with the help of quotation number

Publication Management v6.2a R17-Maintain your own publications(April 2019)

  • Ability to manage student and staff publications.
  • Dashboard of publication counts by year wise etc.
  • Ability to catalogue and make them available in search.

Branch Library Management v6.2a R16-Maintain inter-library connection(March 2019)

  • Ability to manage multiple branches of your library
  • Ability to know purchase and collection data
  • Ability for users to borrow from one branch and return at another branch if allowed
  • Ability to get home branch and inter-branch collection and circulation data

Hardware Integration v6.2a R15-Compatible with Hardware components(February 2019)

  • RFID Compatible – Easylib software is RFID Compatible and it runs with RFID Gate Readers, Kiosk Machines, and RFID Readers etc.These offer ability to issue multiple books with one keystroke, multiple issue return at once, Drop box compatible for self-service return etc
  • Barcode Print Ability – Easylib comes with ability to print barcodes from the software. You can print Spine Labels, Barcodes in preselect standard forms or simply barcodes on a plain sheet of paper
  • Id Card Print Ability – Software has ability to print student id cards as well

Communication Module v6.2a R14-Form groups based on library requirements(January 2019)

Ability to form user groups – Easylib comes with ability to form various user groups as per your library requirements. Once those groups are formed, emails, SMS text and App notifications can be sent by library staff.

Acquisition and Requisition v6.2a R13-Take request from your patrons(December 2018)

  • Patron Requests – Ability to take requests from your patrons for books, non books and digital material
  • Acquisition Process – Complete workflow from creating requests for proposals, take quotations, compare them and issue purchase orders.
  • Receipt Process – Ability to receive the goods, generate necessary reports and catalogue the material

Thesis Management Module v6.2a R12-Customizations tuned for the thesis(November 2018)

Easylib launches a specialized Thesis Management Module which provides many more customizations specially tuned for the thesis. You may have authors submit thesis and library can approve the same for publication after receiving a copy. Thesis are also part of the extensive search facility. If electronically made available, students can also download the thesis for their reference. The software keeps track of who and when patrons have downloaded thesis. Developed as per Dublin Core standards for the electronic thesis and AACR2/MARC/RDA for the Physical Thesis, you get a rich experience referring to Thesis database using Easylib software. In addition, the software comes with ability to link multiple thesis related to each other to benefit the students in their research. So, go ahead and give a call to Easylib and make your library the most advanced one.

Alumni Relationship Management v6.2a R11-Manage your organization alumni network(October 2018)

Easylib in partnership with Finvensys Technologies Private Limited bags the order from Nutan Vidyalaya Society,Gulbarga to manage society’s entire alumni operations. Nutan Vidyalaya is a 100 year old organisation with various educational institutes and the ‘Easylib- Finvensys’ alumni platform helps them to manage entire alumni relation on a term key basis. It helps alumni to maintain a regular communication, arrange events, take up alumni sponsor projects, manage placements and many more.

If you are also interested in using state of the art alumni solutions from Easylib-Finvensys please call us today.

Event Management v6.2a R10-Announce events and maintain a dynamic web page(October 2018)

  • Ability to build a dynamic web page
  • Ability to announce multiple events
  • Ability to do online and offline registration
  • Ability to collect fees from the attendees
  • Integrated SMS gateway of event management
  • Maintain continues communication with the attendees
  • Ability to use the same data for further events(future events)
  • Ability for bulk registration from your member data

Data Quality Management Version v6.2a R9-Correct data in bulk(September 2018)

  • See the list of similar titles and group them under one catalogue information
  • See a list of similar publishes e.g. TMH, Tata Mc Graw Hill, Tata McGraw Hill and group them together
  • Similar merger for Subjects, Vendors, Authors, etc.
  • Comparative catalogue between your local data and data at the Union Catalogue and ability to see the errors and correct them
  • Ability to correct the data in bulk by Department,Publisher, Subject and Language wise. E.g. Identify title duplicates, identity publisher duplicates with spelling mistakes, Identify creation of vendors no purchases done etc
  • Ability to see the books with no title, No Author, No Class Number, with No ISBN, with No Publisher etc.
  • Ability to archive catalogue list

Easylib Web Version v6.2a R8-Access anywhere the network is available(August 2018)

Advantages of upgrading from your client server version of the application to Web version are

  • No hassle if deployment of the application at each machine. Once it is deployed onto the server, the software is accessible anywhere the network is accessible.
  • The look and feel of the application is nearly same as your client server version for the existing functionality. This greatly reduces the effort to retrain your staff.
  • The new version does not require data conversion. It works on the same database model thereby reducing the risk of data corruption when you migrate from one version to another.
  • You don’t lose data. Your entire circulation history remains as is. This gives you ability to see the trends, analyze the pattern and take necessary actions.
  • New version comes with a lot of APIs including getting the data from Union Catalogue of your choice as well as open up your database for open access if you desire.
  • You get a lot of new features when you upgrade to newer web version of Easylib. They include things like dynamic website, many data correction utilities, connectivity to Union Catalogues, more statistical reports, customized statistics and many more.
  • Note that it is “NOT” necessary to migrate to one specific software to form a Union Catalogue. Easylib very well supports Union Catalogue and also has tools to get data from other library software when you wish to form a Union Catalogue of yours.

Easylib Dynamic Dashboard Version v6.2a R7-Customise the dashboards and get up-to date real time data(July 2018)

  • Dr. Ranganathan Score which helps you measure your library’s performance as per Dr. Ranganathan’s five laws of library science
  • Balanced Score Card dashboard that helps you measure your libraries performance with respect to four pillars of balanced Score card
  • You may also create your own dashboard like Circulation dashboard and have the system display up to date real time data

Easylib Hosted Version v6.2a R6-Run Easylib without heavy investment on server(June 2018)

  • Easylib hosted software that is installed, hosted and accessed entirely from a remote server or location
  • Hosted software is managed by the Easylib. Users can access it globally through the Internet

Electronic Virtual Display v6.2a R5-Display various images through KIOSK(May 2018)

An electronic visual display, informally a screen, is a display device for presentation of images, text, or video transmitted electronically, without producing a permanent record. Electronic visual displays include television sets, computer monitors, and digital signage. They are also ubiquitous in mobile computing applications like tablet computers, smartphones, and information appliances

Features are:

  • Display different messages and images on Kiosks
  • E.g. New arrivals, announcements, accomplishments etc.
  • Scheduled display of Kiosk images e.g. Festival Greetings
  • Time each display e.g. more time for text heavy announcements
  • Manage multiple kiosks with different displays e.g. main library, hall etc.

Easylib University v6.2a R4-Connect different libraries(April 2018)

Easylib University enables you to connect all your constituent libraries and share resources among connected organisations under Single Web OPAC.
Features are:

  • The patrons would get a single window that enables them to search resources in their libraries as well as other connected libraries.
  • The operations of each library remain as is. They can be on Easylib or any other library automation software. Various scheduled jobs pool in the data from all libraries and load onto the central server. Data from central server is displayed on University Web OPAC.
  • In-Out register is tracked at the entire university level enabling your students access other libraries within the University constituent colleges
  • Various tracking features exist that give you an update of data transfer status. The data resides in MySQL and Web OPAC is accessible on web browser with no need of any installation at any of your partner libraries.
  • Gets a picture of its entire library’s collection data by different subjects, categories, material types etc.
  • Each student studying in any of the connected colleges shall be able to do a search on the entire Web OPAC in addition to the college OPAC (if already automated)
  • Students shall be able to request for specific material directly online. The respective college shall get real time notification of the request.
  • Each library continues to operate its own library software. There is no restriction for the libraries to buy or implement specific software alone.
  • Data from each member library is collated on a daily basis in a fully automated way. If the library is already using any compatible software, even real time status check is available.
  • Easylib provides entire software and hardware infrastructure to run this library system. Your data is safely guarded at our data centre or placed at your data centre.
  • Easylib remains as a service provider committing to SLAs (Service levels agreement).
  • You would get data of member libraries, when did the data sync up happen, what is the size of the collection and much more information.
  • You would also be able to get a real time data of how much of knowledge sharing is happening between the libraries.

Digital Library v6.2a R3-Build your Digital repository(March 2018)

Features are:

  • Ability to catalogue digital resources both inside the library and outside the library.
  • Admin can add file types like PDF, TXT, JPEG etc. while storing the digital contents onto the digital library.
    Where access is given – a user can easily download the eBooks and digital contents for both online and offline reading.
  • Ability to download the digital library catalogue from publisher sites and directly import onto Easylib library database.
  • Access external resources like electronic journals through online access.
  • Access digital information available on web.
  • Ability to give access to the contents within digital library of the organization to World Wide Web users based on their access level from the home page of the library.
  • Ability to connect to Open DOAR and other online digital content repositories from Easylib digital library.
  • Ability to see abstracts of the digital journals within Easylib database. Ability to implement secure login (restrict access to contents only when connected to library network).
  • More secure as it build in spring mvc architecture.

Easylib Version v6.2a R2 Released-Conversion of part of a Client Server version to Web version(February 2018)

Features Include:

  • Catalogue all your physical and digital material as per library standards
  • Build subject trees, assign class numbers and default locations for material
  • Ability for complete stock verification facility for your physical collection
  • Get various customized reports for all your collection
  • Ability to display books purchased by department wise with quick search.
  • Ability to improve catalogue and display the data by Books with no title, Books with no Author, Books with no Class Number, Books with no ISBN, Books with no Publisher, Year and Place, and Books with no location.
  • Ability to see all the Members data.
  • Ability to correct wrong data entered and assigning selected accession number to a correct department, Publisher, Subject and Language.
  • Ability to set library parameters like Catalogue Correction Parameters, Communication Parameters, Financial Parameters and SMS Details of Circulation.
  • Ability to add catalogue links on the homepage.
  • Ability to see the details of Books that are out of library.
  • Ability to display member’s transaction count for Books Borrowed and Returned, Books Borrowed and Not Returned, Total Number of Visits to Library.
  • Ability to add and save the information of items requested by Staff, Student or Librarian.
  • Ability to see the list of items requested.

Easylib Web Opac-Update your website on a daily basis

Easylib launches Web Opac v6.2a R1 (January 2018)

Features Include:

  • Completely revised Web OPAC including all existing features, new features and compatible with your database with minimum impact to your daily operations.
  • Ability to maintain own website for library and keep it updated without any programming help. Librarians themselves will be able to update the site easily.
  • Ability to extend your catalogue information for each material by adding cover page, table of contents and other related details of the specific book being searched. In addition, the software also will search Union Catalogue to get relevant already catalogued information by other similar libraries.
  • Ability to link eBooks, CD, Audio, DVD and other material with each catalogue entry to give a holistic availability experience to the students.
  • Ability to make announcements on your website of the new events in the college / library / community and are of interest to the students.
  • Ability to pre-set explore searches at regular intervals, link partner libraries and external sources of data for your library patrons, accomplishments and many more.
  • Ability to feature the books based on significance of the day and week. E.g. During Kannada Rajyotsava week, top Kannada books along with the cover photographs can be published.
  • Ability for the library users to provide feedback on the library services, ask questions, make book recommendations and many other features. Tabular report for periodic reviews.
  • Advanced search that provides ability for the students to form their own search string, drill down and many other features that make search a truly a joyful experience for the students.
  • Advanced reports for librarians as well as other authorized users.
  • Ability to set pre-determined library performance indicators as per NAAC, NBA, UGC, MCI, LIC and other accreditation organizations and get real time reports as and when needed.