Easylib Product Timeline

This section gives you some details of the functionality added in the EASYLIB Entire Automation System for Libraries.

December 2019v6.2a R25Easylib releases Communication Module Management System-Maintain details of Organisation
November 2019v6.2a R24Easylib releases Branch Management System-Manage the details of Branches
October 2019v6.2a R23Transport Management-Maintain transport and student details
September 2019v6.2a R22Fee Management and Collection-Manage student fee details
August 2019v6.2a R21Feedback Management-Get Students feedback online
July 2019v6.2a R20Assignment Management-Track your students assignment
June 2019v6.2a R19Android Application-Access your library catalogue
May 2019v6.2a R18Quotation Entry and Comparison-Add Quotation details and Compare with vendor price list
April 2019v6.2a R17Publication Management-Maintain your own publications
March 2019v6.2a R16Branch Library Management-Maintain inter library network
February 2019v6.2a R15Hardware Integration- Compatible with Hardware components
January 2019v6.2a R14Communication module- Form group as per library requirements
December 2018v6.2a R13Acquisition and Requisition Management- Take request from your patrons
November 2018v6.2a R12Thesis Management Module- Customizations tuned for thesis
October 2018v6.2a R10Event Management System- Announce multiple events
September 2018v6.2a R9Data Quality Management- Correct data in bulk
August 2018v6.2a R8Easylib Web version- access anywhere the network is available
July 2018v6.2a R7Dashboard KPI Management-Customize the dashboards and get up-to date real time data
June 2018v6.2a R6Easylib Hosted Version-Run Easylib without heavy investment on servers
May 2018v6.2a R5KIOSK Management Software-Display various images through KIOSK
April 2018v6.2a R4Easylib University-Ability to connect different libraries
March 2018v6.2a R3Digital Library-Build your Digital repository
February 2018v6.2a R2Conversion of part of a Client Server version to Web Version
January 2018v6.2a R1Easylib Web OPAC-Ability to update website on a daily basis
January 2015Easylib Web 5.0Easylib Software with Independent Platform
January 2012Easylib Web 2.0Implemented active directory
January 2010Easylib Web 1.0Web based features
January 2008New EasylibEasylib Software development started in new technology
January 20074.3Easylib 4.3 version released
January 2005.Netwww.easylib.net Implemented
July 20044.2New Attractive Screens, New Designs, New Interface provided along With all the other options mentioned above. This version is made much more user friendly and easy-to-use compared to all other previous versions.
May 20044.1.5Along with different types of Reports, this version contains different Search options for all the Subsystems which will give the best and desired result and many other features…
April 20044.1.4Different Types of reports can be obtained for all the SubSystems. Various Reports are provided to obtain customized and legible reports for various operations for all the Subsystems and many other features……
February 20044.1.3Further enhancement of the features of 4.1.2 version, Work under progress to provide facility to get good and legible reports for all the Subsystems. Will be released very soon ….
December 20034.1.2Released to fulfill user(Librarian) needs, many customised forms to get good reports and printouts. All new forms with newly added features.
September 20034.1.1Refinement of the features of 4.0 Version
June 20034.0Enhanced Periodicals is provided with many other new features.
March 20033.9Refinement of the features of 3.8 Version
December 20023.8Fine tuning of each of the module to give you the best of the software usage. Software truly to the international level of excellence.
October 20023.7Scheduled to release: Multi library functionality (you may implement it across multiple libraries: like public library system), get more reports, more analysis reports, more graphical interfaces, user based customization facility and so on.
August 20023.6Provided facilities that will make your system function with more user friendliness. Added functions to make the cataloguing truly MARC21 compatible. Revamped the acquisitions and requisitions module. Added accounting module to the system.
June 20023.5Provided more customized reports. Added facility to import data from any format into yours. Linked with Easylib bibliographic database.
April 20023.4Released Batch Easylib to take care of background jobs like automatic e-mailing etc in a very advanced way
February 20023.3Released web version of OPAC (Called EPAC – Electronic Public Access Catalogue). Provided MARC21 compatibility of the database.
December 20013.0Added Customized Reports and Digital Library Functionality (Right in time for International Conference of Asian Digital Libraries 2001 Conference).
October 20013.0Released separate OPAC functionality. Added intelligence to the system by providing statistical analysis to the circulation module.
August 20012.0Added Serial Controls, Extensive Reports, Requisitions and Acquisitions. Added multilingual features to support Kannada and other languages.
March 20011.0Released with Cataloguing, Accessioning, Search, Membership and Circulation