What’s New?

Introducing you to Easylib University v6.2a R4 (April 2018)

Easylib University enables you to connect all your constituent libraries. 

Features are:

  • The operations of each library remains as is. They can be on Easylib or any other library automation software. Various scheduled jobs pool in the data from all libraries and load onto the central server. Data from central server is displayed on University Web OPAC.
  • In-Out register is tracked at the entire university level enabling your students access other libraries within the University constituent colleges
  • Various tracking features exist that give you an update of data transfer status. The data resides in MySQL and Web OPAC is accessible on web browser with no need of any installation at any of your partner libraries.

Introducing you to the Digital Library v6.2a R3 (March 2018)

A digital library is an integrated set of services for capturing,cataloguing,storing,searching,protecting,and retrieving information which provide coherent organization and convenient access to typically large amounts of digital information.

Features are:


  • Ability to catalogue digital resources both inside the library and outside the library.
  • Admin can add  file types like PDF, TXT, JPEG etc. while storing the digital contents onto the digital library.
  • Where access is given – a user can easily download the eBooks and digital contents for both online and offline reading.
  • Ability to download the digital library catalogue from publisher sites and directly import onto Easylib library database.
  • Access external resources like electronic journals through online access.
  • Access digital information available on web.
  • Ability to give access to the contents within digital library of the organization to World Wide Web users based on their access level from the home page of the library.
  • Ability to connect to Open DOAR and other online digital content repositories from Easylib digital library.
  • Ability to see abstracts of the digital journals within Easylib database. Ability to implement secure login (restrict access to contents only when connected to library network).


  • More secure as it build in spring mvc architecture.

Member Data Import

  • Member type, Profile/Designation, Subscription date , expiry date, course, branch and department can be adding through the screen itself and it is not required to do mass updation for these fields in mass updation screen.
  • Automatically removes special characters while importing data from excel sheet.
  • Easy and fast to import.


New screens in setup module are

  • IP Address for RFID support.
  • Email Configuration for sending email.
  • SMS settings for adding SMS username and password.
  • E-Book Type for adding eBooks.

Easylib Web OPAC Newer Version v6.2a R2 Released (February 2018)

Features Include:

  • Ability to display books purchased by department wise with quick search.
  • Ability to improve catalogue and display the data by Books with no title, Books with no Author, Books with no Class Number, Books with no ISBN, Books with no Publisher, Year and Place, and Books with no location.
  • Ability to see all the Members data.
  • Ability to correct wrong data entered and assigning selected accession number to a correct department, Publisher, Subject and Language.
  • Ability to set library parameters like Catalogue Correction Parameters, Communication Parameters, Financial Parameters and SMS Details of Circulation.
  • Ability to add catalogue links on the homepage.
  • Ability to see the details of Books that are out of library.
  • Ability to display member’s transaction count for Books Borrowed and Returned, Books Borrowed and Not Returned, Total Number of Visits to Library.
  • Ability to add and save the information of items requested by Staff, Student or Librarian.
  • Ability to see the list of items requested.

Easylib launches v6.2a R1 (January 2018)

  • Completely revised Web OPAC including all existing features, new features and compatible with your database with minimum impact to your daily operations.
  • Ability to maintain own website for library and keep it updated without any programming help. Librarians themselves will be able to update the site easily.

  • Ability to extend your catalogue information for each material by adding cover page, table of contents and other related details of the specific book being searched. In addition, the software also will search Union Catalogue to get relevant already catalogued information by other similar libraries.

  • Ability to link eBooks, CD, Audio, DVD and other material with each catalogue entry to give a holistic availability experience to the students.

  • Ability to make announcements on your website of the new events in the college / library / community and are of interest to the students.

  • Ability to pre-set explore searches at regular intervals, link partner libraries and external sources of data for your library patrons, accomplishments and many more.

  • Ability to feature the books based on significance of the day and week. E.g. During Kannada Rajyotsava week, top Kannada books along with the cover photographs can be published.

  • Ability for the library users to provide feedback on the library services, ask questions, make book recommendations and many other features. Tabular report for periodic reviews.

  • Advanced search that provides ability for the students to form their own search string, drill down and many other features that make search a truly a joyful experience for the students.

  • Advanced reports for librarians as well as other authorized users.

  • Ability to set pre-determined library performance indicators as per NAAC, NBA, UGC, MCI, LIC and other accreditation organizations and get real time reports as and when needed.