College Administration Software

Admissions Process

The admission function computerizes the processes related to taking admission at the institute. In this  subsystem, you would make an entry of admission forms into the system that includes both personal and  official details. The system provides various screens and reports to look at the data.

Student Information

When a student gets admitted, he/she will be enrolled in the student information data base that includes both his personal as well as official information along with a photograph that is electronically stored.

Staff Information

Here entire staff information including the date of joining, skills acquired, salary details, classes being taken and all other details are stored. You can take various reports like current staff occupancy, staff load factor and other related reports.

Fee Collection

Here you can maintain various fees by different categories of students, collect fees, and print receipts,track non-payments and so on.This is closely linked with full-fledged accounting system where you can maintain the college accounts.

Examination Subsystem

Edulite helps in conducting examinations. You can govern the list of exams and tests being conducted. You  can assign location and staff for the examination, tabulate examination attendance and ensure smooth  conducting of exams. You can enter marks obtained, tabulate examination results summary,and post the  results to the student records. In addition you will be able to perform searches on the examination  results and print marks cards. You will also be able to analyze the performance data and take action where  necessary.

Syllabus Information

This function provides maintenance on the syllabus pertaining to different courses. Staff and students can view this information any time.

In Out Register

Currently when any official letter is sent, you maintain information in a register. This function in the  Edulite automates the same and provides an electronic media for storing the info on all communication received and sent by any media, namely letter mail, fax, e-mail, in person or courier. Provides easy search and follow up mechanism.


You can electronically store the timetable, assign various rooms, staff to the classes and make sure there in no omission or duplication.You can also search by various parameters.


You can track attendance of staff and students on a daily, weekly, monthly basis using this subsystem. You can generate various reports, generate reminders and other related reports. This can be linked with automated attendance register using swap cards.

Event Management

This subsystem helps institutes in conducting various events like extra curricular activities, sports in the institute. You can track all information about participants, scores, tabulate them and perform related functions.

Placement Management

Here you can track the list of companies that you have requested to visit the college, have the students  enroll  for the tests/interviews, track the placements, track duplicate appointments and so on. The system  also comes up with an extensive database of companies under various categories.

Hostel Management

Here you can track the occupancy of Hostel rooms and the related fee collection. Requirements: Windows NT/2000 Platform, Network, Clients, SQL Server/Oracle Back End. Security driven. Support: We install,do data entry and get you started. Same/Next Day Onsite Service Warranty.