About Easylib …


Easylib was started by three software professionals in early 1998. The company now has over 20 professionals under various categories – software developers, testers, advisors, library professionals, data entry operators, sales and support personnel. The company has head quarters in Bangalore and branch offices in Hyderabad and USA..

Developing library automation software has been Easylib’s core focus. It has been working on this since last eleven years and shown continues commitment.

The first installation of Easylib at a customers place was done in March 2001. In the last 16 years Easylib has been installed at over 500+ places.

In the initial stages, the focus of EASYLIB had been to install locally and prove itself as a product and service providers. That was also the reason why EASYLIB did not market itself outside Karnataka. Now that the product is running at many organizations, is stable and proven, EASYLIB is taking up outside installations.

Easylib now reaches Over 550+ Installations all over India!!!!!!!

EASYLIB – Entire Automation System for Libraries, an advanced and state of the art library automation system reaches over 550+ installations now. The first installation of EASYLIB was in March 2001. In the last fifteen years, strength of Easylib in terms of functionality, services and number of customers has been consistently growing. At this moment, we would like to convey our thanks to customers who have been using Easylib and helped us grow to 450+ installations. Without your support, this would not have been possible.

In addition, Easylib has been introduced as an Academic Practical Syllabus for MLISc Course at Gulbarga University and other Universities (Thank you).

Automation of a library involves multiple things. Primarily operating out of India, Easylib had a challenge to give the best possible software, at an affordable price, to a society where computerization was still at the preliminary stage. An enormous amount of our effort was spent in educating the mass and demonstrating that computers would help and automation was the key to go. So, this site, in addition to giving the product information, also gives you enough information on the basics of automation itself. We hope you enjoy the visit to our site and feel the time was well worth spent learning new things.

Easylib Releases Easylib.Net !

Easylib has released Easylib.Net – a facility for member libraries to host their library data on the web. With this facility, the members of the member libraries can view the library data on the web any time of the day and from anywhere. The data is as accurate as the last upload done by the staff. So, if you are a member of a member library, Easylib.Net is the place for you. If you are a member library, see if your data is up to date and if not, upload again. If you are not a member library, it is time to take the benefit of this unique service. Call Easylib today.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred library automation software for the librarians worldwide.

Our Mission

We strive to be the most preferred library automation software and services company for all libraries worldwide by providing state of the art continually most innovative library automation software product, by providing superior quality, on time and trust worthy customer support to our customers and doing these in the most efficient way there by keeping the cost of software and services most affordable to our Clients.

Our Team

Vasudevrao M Deshpande,Founder and CEO
  •  Vasu began his career in information technology in 1992 after passing Bachelor of Engineering with Gold Medal at Gulbarga University. Worked at Infosys and other companies between 1992 and 1999 at India and USA.
  • Started Easylib along with two other friends. Ran it for four years before. Experimented between various software platforms (college administration management, hotel administration, rice mills management etc) before zeroing on life space.

  • Took a break to learn more things outside the company. Completed MBA from University of Massachusetts Amherst, Certified Supply Chain Professional and PMP (Project Management Professional).

  • Moved back to India in 2009 and between 2009 and 2013, worked as Program Manager for Infosys Foundation funded North Karnataka Flood Relief Program building 2,200 houses, as Program Manager for Infosys Foundation funded Parishudh Initiative building over 12,000 toilets and educating over 5 lakh people on need of healthy living. Often referred to as Toilet Vasu for the work done in this area.

  • Development of software platforms for Alumni Management (Power Alumni), ProsperAid to aid in helping trusts mobilize resources and Vidyanidhi to help educational institutes connect needy students with people who can assist them and build a self sustaining cycle of scholarships.

  • Now back to Easylib full time since 2017 September and focusing on re-innovation to make much more impact to the educational space.

Who we are?

We are a software company based at Bengaluru started with a great zeal of providing “world class” products to the Indian market. In the last 18 years since inception, we indeed have strived to achieve this goal and have partially achieved it. Our flagship product Easylib – Entire Automation System for Libraries now runs at over 550 installations all over India and a few installations world wide and it is one of the most admired software products in this area.

Whats New In Easylib?

Easylib keeps moving. Following are some of the latest happenings at Easylib.

  • New CEO: Mr.Vasudevrao M Deshpande – one of the founders of the company and Easylib product architect is now back at the company full time as Chief Executive Officer (Sep 2017)
  • New Web OPAC: We have now launched Easylib Web OPAC 6.2a that now helps you showcase your library as a Living Organism. Continuous change in your library site with through varying “Explore Books”, “Announcements”, “Partner Library Resources”, “Featured Books”, “Accomplishments” is designed to make presence of your library felt across your library members as a “living entity”, the one that breathes, moves, and grows.(Dec 2017)
  • Self Service: Got a brilliant idea for an improvement? Or feel that your requests for support are getting mixed up? No worries. We have now launched Customer Service Portal. Click on Login button on top of this page and open trouble tickets. We not only provide service, we also measure ourselves on how well we are doing and continually strive to provide better and better service.(Feb 2018) 
  • New Features: Only change is constant. We have numerous features being added to Easylib library software package. Every part of the system including acquisition, cataloguing, membership management, circulation, Web OPAC is undergoing change. New SMS features are launched. (Feb 2018)
  • Multi Library Connectivity: You now have the ability to connect your libraries under a single Web OPAC. Your master database server remains secluded from the public. All students across your University access Web OPAC for “all” colleges through one Single Window. And then there is Selective Dissemination of Information to subscribe and get relevant updates of things happening at your library. (April 2018)
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