• Easylib releases Transport Management System

Bringing More Life To Library

  • Web OPAC :

    Easylib Web OPAC is interactive and fully customizable. Provides a one window search. In addition, You would be able to make your own announcements, build an Explore section, connect your partner libraries, showcase accomplishments, library timings, policies and many more.

  • Exhaustive Search:

    Easylib provides a single window search on all your material on Web OPAC. The patrons can search on all items including books, periodicals, eBooks, digital library and non book material through this page. Very easy to use interface makes experience a pleasant one.

  • Integrated Software:

    Easylib provides extensive features that a library requires and desires. Basic features include: Requisition, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Membership Management, Circulation, Periodicals and Web OPAC. Advanced features include extensive Analytics, Customized Reporting, Ability to set own librarian dashboard, Reporting as per NAAC, MCI, AICTE and other accreditation bodies and many more.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics:

    Easylib has modules to analyze your collection and recommend catalogue errors. Then it gives to quickly correct your catalogue data. It has features to analyze your circulation pattern. Through predictive analytics algorithms, it analyzes your circulation and library usage parameters, it gives recommendations for purchase, weeding out, extending library timings and many more.

  • Integration all the way:

    Considering that library is one organization with a larger educational establishment, Easylib has extensive interfaces built to help integrate with your college administration software, accounting software, social media sites like Facebook, various publishers and many more. Easylib software may be specialized for your libraries. But its extensive connectivity makes it a truly desirable partner for any other software you may have.

  • One Stop Solution:

    Easylib is one stop solution for all your library needs. With extensive partnership with Computer Sellers, Software Providers, Book Sellers, Library Accessory Providers, RFID and many others, Easylib in partner that you can count on.

  • Superior Product:

    Most advanced library automation software that provides most needed modules, meets library standards, has open database , is open ended with enough import and export to other platforms and is continuously evolving. ​

  • Superior Service:

    24 x 7 Support for your library when you need it. Support available through phone call, in person, online and through local Easylib experts. You have a piece of mind that when you are under pressure to perform, you have a friend just a phone call away. And in addition, you can log your service requests and enhancement requests at the “Client Login” link above.